Creeper.  The future is a major creeper in my life right now?  Why?  Because it’s approaching ever so rapidly.  I applied for graduation today, and I’ll probably pre-order my cap and gown by the end of the week.  Now it feels official that graduation is only about 200 days away.  That means the major decision of what I want to do with my life is about 200 days away as well.  I’m contemplating going to graduate school at my current institution and getting my Master’s degree in Organizational Leadership.  I’m also contemplating just working full time and saving money for a new car (which I could really use) and possibly a better place to live with Dalton.  His decision about his future scares me as well; we don’t talk about it much, mainly because I’m still not 100% supportive of his wanting to go into the military when he graduates.  I would much rather prefer him in law school, and I actually think he’d do spectacular if he chose that path.  Maybe I need to quit looking at this from the “me” standpoint and start looking at it from the “we” standpoint.  Whatever my decision is has to be the best for the both of us and our future together.  This is crazy!  I would have never thought that these kinds of decisions would creep up on me so fast!  I think I have an idea of what I want to do, but I have faith that everything will fall into place, how they always do.  I just have to continue to remind myself to keep being patient.  Patience is a virtue that I’m still managing to comprehend.


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