When did it become so wrong?

A friend asked me today, “So Kayra, when are you graduating?”, and I responded happily “This May!”  He said, “Whoah aren’t you graduating early?” And I said, “No, I just didn’t fuck around in college. I came to graduate, not stay here.”

Now, granted, I did say that in a joking manner.  But I did mean it.  These past couple days I’ve been feeling like people have been looking down upon me for being successful and actually on top of things.  When did that become so wrong?

When did it become to wrong to get an A on every test?  “Oh you must have given him a blow-job to get the answers.”  “No actually, I just wasn’t stupid and didn’t get completely trashed the night before.  It’s called studying- try it sometime”. 

When did it become so wrong to particpate in class discussions?  “No one cares, just shut up and move on.”  “Yeah, tell me the same thing when you’re attending one of my seminars about success trying to learn how to be successful yourself.”

When did it become so wrong to actually work more than 20 hours a week to make some extra money to avoid asking mommy and daddy for help? I may not have as many cool stories to tell about my college years when I get older, but I’ll be making enough money to create better stories for my future.  I doubt you can say the same.

I probably sound like some bitch who doesn’t like to have fun.  I LOVE to have fun, so let me clarify that.  I just actually understand the concept of there being a time for work, and a time for play. 

I, by no means, am some goody-two-shoes or anything, but, like I’ve said before, but it just seems so easy to do the right things in life.  Stay out of trouble.  Make something of yourself.  Trust me- it’s not a bad route in life to take.


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  1. amen! people will always find a way to downgrade your successes. you know, many people view me as failing. im just a lowly army wife with 2 kids- no college degree, yet. but its a work in progress. would it have been easier before kids? hells yesh. but my boys are the best thing to ever happen to me. success is different to everyone….to some…its getting trashed all week, hooking up, and letting mom and dad foot the bill. thankfully, we see a different version. 😉

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