They Have Apps For Everything!

I just discovered the WordPress for Blackberry app, which has now made me that more addicted to this device that I like to refer to as my Crackberry. Mmm 🙂

Have you ever asked yourself if this whole app thing goes too far? I mean, let’s think about it… Any sort of Apple handheld product (iPhone, iPad, iPod) has the capability to download apps from a selection of thousands (yes- THOUSANDS). Is this too much? What hgappened to the good ‘ol days of playing solitaire with actual cards and actual people? Or playing the piano… In real life, not by thumping on a screen? Haha.

It’s amazing the things we can do with these little handheld devices. However, it sucks that our lifestyles in this day and age pretty much require us to have everything in the palm of our hand, not because our work has been made easier, but because we have so much work that it requires us to do it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

My point with all this is basically to just take a moment to step away from technology and do something enjoyable that doesn’t involve it. Go to the park. Read a novel (without a handheld e-reader, lol). Shop! Spend time with the ones you love, in person. Cook, but look up the recipe in an actual cookbook! It’s the little things in life that help to refocus you and keep you happy. Try one!


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