The Time is Here!

So, I just got off the phone with my mother, and we just had THE talk…..


Haha- no silly, not THAT kind of talk; the talk about me getting a NEW CAR!  Because I’m the first one to graduate from college in my family, as many of you know, I feel that the fruits of my labor should be rewarded with something spectacular.  And that something, for me at least, is definitely a new car.

Right now I’m driving a 1996 Nissan Sentra.  It looks a little something like this:

My car is actually white, but other than that, this is basically it.

My car has been through a lot (not as much as most, but enough for me to make this statement).  Let’s see…. The CarFax in a condensed form is basically this:

  • My mom hit a parked car, thus putting  a dent into the back bumper (that somehow magically disappeared a week later).
  • I rear ended someone trying to answer my phone (the person who got hit happened to be high as a kite, so we didn’t call the cops, and he never went after me.  Fair enough….)
  • I got side-swiped by a guy in a big ass truck who had no car insurance (we didn’t call the cops on that one either, because I felt bad about possibly sending him to jail.  He was nice enough to pay me back for everything he owed me on damage)
  • Something happened to my CV Axle a couple years back… you’ll have to ask my dad about that one.
  • There’s also something iffy about my transmission… not sure what it is- again, you’ll have to ask my dad.


Anywho, you can definitely tell it’s time for something new…. something that says, “Hey- she’s a young professional.”  So here are my options that I’m looking at… (used, of course, because I don’t need a 2012 when a 2008 or higher can do the same thing):

2008-2010 Ford Escape

This is my number ONE choice.  I would prefer it in this same exact color, with a sunroof and a 4 cyl (even though Dalton claims that I NEED a 6 cyl… LOL).


I wouldn't mind onein this color either. And I do like the roof rack.

2009-2010 Nissan Sentra

Ok, so I didn’t think I’d actually consider another Sentra, BUT, they are relatively inexpensive and pretty decent cars.  And either way, this is heaven compared to what I’m driving now, so it’s a contender.


2008-2009 Volkwagen Jetta

I’ve always loved Jettas.  Great cars for a good price.  The Germans just really know what they’re doing when it comes to cars.  And this one is relatively in the same price range as my other two options (anything below $20,000, LOL).


As you can tell I’m looking for either a compact SUV with good gas mileage or a small sedan with the same thing.

So what do you all think? Good options? What would you choose? Any suggestions for other options to consider?




  1. So, here’s my advice for you.

    Dont create a wish list till you actually get to go out and test drive some of these cars, first. Based, ourely on the fact that you may love the way a car looks, but it may not drive the way you want it to. You gotta always look at how it drives first. After that, look at what appeals to your eye.

    Also, as a suggestions I would stay away from SUV, unless you plan on carrying alot of stuff/people for the majority of the time you are looking at it. I would say stick to a sedan for that professional look.

    As for make, nothing says I’m a executive/professional/mover and shaker like driving a BMW, Mercedes, or Audi. Which given your looking for a 2008ish, you should find some in your price range. (I did a quick search on CarMax for Audi and BMW and the mean for a 2008 with about 30K miles, was around $18-22,000.

    Just a couple of sugeestions.

    1. Thanks Luke!

      I’ve actually test driven the Ford Escape- my boss owns one :P. And I’ve test driven the Jetta with my dad two years ago when they came out. Both of them are excellent! But I’m still leaning towards the Escape. I usually have to carry a lot of stuff for work (for presentations in other counties and such) so that was one reason why I was leaning towards a compact SUV. I haven’t test driven the new Sentra, so that one is next.

      I’m waiting to get a Mercedes GLK once I start making REAL money, LOL.

  2. I love love love the Escape in that Green color! You’d look great in it! And don’t listen to Luke- SUV are great for the professional look…and you can run things over without too much worry! 🙂 I like the Jetta too… a great car for an unbelievable price!

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