How DOES she do it??

As most of you are already well aware, I will be graduating on May 9th of 2011 (See- it’s going to be a great year!) But here’s what’s even better…

I’ll be graduating with HONORS, NO debt, PLENTY of money in the bank, and WITH A JOB.

Now… How did I do it??
I guess I’ll reveal my secrets.. After all, it’s pretty good information :).

1. I applied for just about every scholarship I could get out of high school. I used a good chunk of it to open a bank account (which I’ve kept at 4 figures since I opened it) and the rest I used to pay for housing. *Interesting side note- my parents have not had to contribute a dime to my college education… I figured it’s the least I could do for them after raising me right! Haha.*

2. I did not spend my money on stupid shit. (Sorry that I had to use that word instead of “stuff”, but there really is no other appropriate word in my opinion.) Just because I had the money to go buy an XBox and a new Coach purse didn’t mean that I needed to. I was always too future-oriented to do that. Not to mention, I didn’t need any of it. Also- I managed to work two jobs for the majority of time I’ve been in school. It was tough, but the extra money definitely helped.

3. I got an internship. Luckily, I was one of the few who was able to get a paid internship, but whether it be paid or unpaid, you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity. It really can lead to some great opportunities, as it did for me.

4. I got all the partying out of my system by the time I became a junior. Actually, it was really by the time I became a sophomore. What happened? Well, after seeing the same people every weekend, and doing the same thing every weekend, and dealing with the same drama every weekend, you get pretty tired of it. I lived and learn, but glad that I had the experiences I did in the process.

5. I always made time to study. Even in my crazy hectic schedule of working, class, and socializing, I made it a point to always study and get my work done. After all, I’m going to college to get a degree, not to screw around for 4 years of my life (which will in turn put you on the 5 year plan- scary!) I also discovered that study buddies are not effective (unless your name is Sherry Simpson and completely into your studies as I am) and it was better to just get my own work done on my own time and in my own way. This worked out for the better.

6. I stayed motivated. Granted, this wasn’t too hard because I genuinely love school and being a nerd (as if you didn’t already know this), but sometimes it’s quite easy to lose that motivation. When I felt like I was losing it, I thought about money. And I perked back up REAL quick.

So there you have it-How to successfully graduate college and stay afloat!


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