What are they really classified as anyway? Goals, resolutions, or feel-good statements?

So, I decided to catch up with my blogging, and, in an effort to do more blogging in the new year, I decided to share my New Year’s Goals/Resolutions/whatever you’d like to refer to them as.

1. Choose healthier lifestyle habits.  I had to generalize this one because it so commonly gets mistaken as “lose more weight”.  Granted, while I would like to lose some of this holiday pudge and become a more sexier, leaner me, I’m not looking to “lose 10 pounds by February” or anything like that… Some of the things I’d like to change/do are:

  • Increase vitamin D intake.  This is very good for colon and breast health, bone heath, and it helps the body absorb calcium.
  • Make the switch from whole milk to 1% milk.  Making the switch is the equivalent of saving yourself about 70 sticks of butter in fat.  Amazing huh?
  • Make the switch to whole grain rice and bread.  Surprisingly enough, honey wheat and even some whole wheat breads have the same nutritional value as white bread.  Whole grains provide more health benefits, including more fiber.
  • Try and do something active at least 3 times a week.  With the new recreation center on campus opening up the first week of classes, this should be no problem.  I mean, there’s a rock wall in there! Hello fun time! 🙂
  • Reduce fried food intake.  If I can find a way to make something fried baked, like my empanadas, I will (and I have actually- they’re still quite good this way).
  • Eat more veggies!

2. Get straight A’s this last semester of college.  If I do so, I will 100% lock in my chance of graduating cum laude.  YES!

3. Start saving more money.  It looks like I will be needing a new laptop soon, so I have something to save for.  (Thanks for that, HP. You will NEVER get business from me again).

4. Stop being such a workaholic.  Since I quit my second job at University Crossing, I hope that this will easily be achieved.

5. Spend more time with Dalton during the school year.  Again, since I quit my second job, this should be pretty easy as well.  Not to mention my school schedule would make anyone jealous.

6. Get back into the hobbies that I love doing. These include writing/blogging, painting, doing puzzles of all sorts, and reading. I already have a stack of unfinished books that I aim to finish this new year.

7. Continue practicing golf. I really want to get better at it so Dalton and I can actually play a full round where I’m not “shanking” the ball every time, haha!

8. Continue on my path of self-improvement. I’ve discovered so much about myself this year, and I feel like I’m starting to finally piece together who I REALLY am. It’s a good feeling! I’ve worked on making several improvements on my personal life during the last half of 2010, and its great to know that I’m really starting the new year as a fresh, new me. I’m still very much Kayra, just a more “enlightened” version, I guess you could say :).


One comment

  1. These are great goals Kayra! Snaps to you for making healthier choices- if you stick with them, and I hope you do- you’re definitely going to feel like a different person!

    And I just want to say how much I enjoy reading your blog post! I feel like I’m not missing out on so much of what’s happening in your life!
    Please keep it going! 🙂

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