How do you keep trying?

Do you hate when you try to do something right, and then you fail? Or how about when you’ve failed multiple times? What about when you’re too stubborn to just give up (because your type-A personality won’t let you) no matter how many times you fail… No matter how many times you beat yourself up over it… No matter how (almost) worthless it makes you feel…

How is it that someone can fail at doing the same thing over and over again? Even after dying multiple times in the same hard-ass stage in Donkey Kong, you still manage to find a way to succeed, be it via cheat codes or just trying again. Now why is it that I don’t have a cheat code to get where I want to? Why can’t I just try again and be guaranteed success?

I personally hate giving up. Even though sometimes, depending on the activity, I may say, “I’m over it, screw this”, I always try again at a later point. But this one thing, this ONE thing that I keep trying at just keeps bringing me more disappointment just about every time I try. I don’t know how to keep trying when I know that I have a better chance of achieving failure, then I do success.

Amazing how just ONE thing can cause so much torment inside my mind. It lingers perpetually like the stench of an old trash bag sitting in your apartment too long. How do I find the motivation to keep trying? How do I find the assurance that one day, I’ll actually conquer this and succeed?


One comment

  1. Continuing to strive for that success is all you can do to achieve it. There are no secret tricks or easy answers. That being said, dedication doesn’t always garauntee success, but you cannot win by not trying. At some point or another you will have to draw the line and say enough is enough….you’re the only one that can make that call. 🙂

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