A Comment on Progress… And Other Thoughts

Hello world! Where the heck have I been? Obviously not blogging how I said I would this year. Since I found this nifty WordPress app for my iPad, I decided I’d take a moment to do some blogging and update everyone.

(By the way, if you don’t own an iPad, consider getting one. It’s the bomb.com)

First off, I’d like to comment on Dalton and I’s progress on our diet/exercise plan. It has been going FANTASTIC! This is the longest that him and I have ever stuck with such a plan. I’m incredibly proud of the both of us. Dalton has been working out practically every day and I usually go on Saturdays and Sundays with Sherry (I would go more, but…. there’s these two things called work and school that get in my way… it happens to the best of us). Our diet and eating habits have drastically changed. Our refrigerator is now home to two tubs of greek yogurt, 1% milk, reduced sugar/no sugar added juices, lean sandwich meats, and a couple boxes of fresh salad (super green leafy stuff, not that iceberg crap). Our pantry has also welcomed whole wheat pastas, whole grain bread, whole grain crackers, whole grain cereal…. (I think you’re getting the picture here!).

I’m pretty ok with my body for the moment, no major complaints (at least none that I need to voice on here). But the main reason I’m partaking in the diet/exercise with Dalton is basically to just show my support in his endeavor to lose weight and become a lean mean frat-raging machine (haha- was that lame?). But I must say, I have really enjoyed these changes to our lifestyle and I’m excited that they’ve almost become more of a permanent part of our life.

As far as my personal life, everything is going great. Dalton and I are still going strong (2 years in April) and things couldn’t be better. Sherry has been a great workout partner this year, and I love that she’s so accommodating :). It’s great to have people in your life who really understand how hectic your life can get. I really miss Stephanie right now, but I’m glad that she’s living out her dreams in Europe, and in a way, that been really inspirational to me to venture out more and do the things that I really want to do. She may not know that, but I’m sure once she reads this, she will :).

In other news, I ordered my cap and gown back in mid-January, and my graduation announcements came in last week, so it’s getting even realer now that I’m graduating in just a matter of about 2 months… Actually, less than that. I can’t wait! I’m excited that I’ll have no worries upon graduation because, as I’ve said before, I won’t have any debt and I’ll have a full-time job by the beginning of June. But I’m also feeling that I haven’t had enough time to really “play”. My life has practically been work and school for as long as I can remember. I’m slowly trying to go out more and enjoy myself while I still have the time, especially since I’m 21 and haven’t really had the experiences that most 21-year-olds have already had. I’m working on planning a week-long vacation somewhere after graduation so I can ACTUALLY wind down before I start working full-time. I think I should be able to cram plenty of missed fun-time into that week to make up for everything that I have probably missed :). In the meantime, going to
Comedy Nights at the Loft downtown will have to do…. Ha.

This period of transition in my life is definitely life-changing, to say the least. I’m proud of myself so far for continuing to make strides in my own self-improvement and for being so close to accomplishing something so great. But I’m still scared of what the future holds. Excited, yes, but still very much scared. As with everything, I know that things find their own way of falling perfectly into place, but it’s still nice to get a heads-up, right?


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  1. A healthy diet is awesome! I’m trying myself, but Will is stubborn, Micah has become a picky eater, and I’m always swamped! But finding coupons for FREE whole grain and healthy harvest pasta has helped! 😛
    I’m proud and happy for you, graduating is a big accomplishment.
    By the way, my personal opinion is that you haven’t ‘missed out’ on typical 21 year old things! Some people are made different and just don’t enjoy that typical 21 year old lifestyle, I tried it very briefly and didn’t see the point really!

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