People give HIM too much credit…

Lately, I’ve been seeing many tweets and facebook posts that deal with thanking the Lord for something the person making the post has accomplished. For example, “Graduation day is here!!! The lord is SO good and I’m SO glad he got me this far!” or “Got through another day at work. God is so GOOD.” These posts always confuse me, because I don’t understand why so many give Him credit for something He really didn’t do. God didn’t attend your college classes and pass your tests. God didn’t stay up with you all night and get you through hours of studying (your 5-Hour Energy probably did). God didn’t go to work with you, nor did he tell you to get up and go to work in the first place. You chose to do those things, and you did them because it was the RIGHT thing to do to help you succeed.

I don’t feel like people give THEMSELVES enough credit for the hard work and accomplishments they really achieve. Why give the credit to another person, much less a person who doesn’t physically exist?

This post may upset some, and that’s fine, but I just had to get this out of my system. My viewpoints on religion will always upset somebody (that’s why I usually keep religion-talk to myself, or I just share it with Dalton). But seriously, just think on this for a second. Next time you decide to thank God for everything going right in your life, take a moment to actually pat yourself on the back for being able to achieve great things.


The Cripple’s View on Childhood Obesity

A recent blog posting by one of my Twitter friends got me thinking good and hard about a pressing issue in America today: Obesity, specifically childhood obesity. This is actually a topic I’ve always felt strong about. I can remember the first time that I even developed a strong viewpoint on it, and funny enough it was watching the Maury Povich show. The topic was about mothers whose children were severely overweight, but they saw no issue with it… Not even after all the advice given to them by pediatricians and dieticians. It was extremely infuriating to watch, but I couldn’t help but be glued to the TV and watch the drama unfold.

So this brings us to the question… Is the childhood obesity epidemic the fault of the children or the fault of the parents? What about obesity in general? Who can we blame that on?

Childhood obesity can only be blamed on the parents of the children who are obese. There is simply no excuse for children to be so overweight at this day in age. It is the responsibility of the parent to provide their household with proper choices for adequate nutrition, and also to monitor how much the child is eating. Unfortunately, we are stuck in a society that has rapidly evolved into a sedentary lifestyle (which seems to be antithetical to the fast-paced society that we claim to live in). Parents seek quick and easy fixes for their families so as not to get in the way of their hectic schedules… This results in the purchasing of cheap Kid Cuisine TV Dinners or daily runs to McDonald’s for the ever-popular, kid-friendly Happy Meal. Young children will certainly not have the sense to turn down something that tastes good and comes with a toy, so how are they to know that constantly eating such bad food is the reason why they’re fat?

Along with the quick fixes of fast food and junk food come the quick fixes of toys and other items to keep children entertained and occupied while parents tend to the house or their own personal needs. Instead of buying children books, jump ropes, scooters, bikes, frisbees, or whiffle ball sets, parents are resorting to the more costly (but “more” entertaining) Nintendo DS, Xbox, Playstation 3, Wii, computers and computer games, iPods, and even cell phones!! (We won’t get started on my views for THAT particular subject… Hmph). And we wonder why our children have become fat, lazy, and spoiled! What are they doing?? They’re clearly not getting any type of exercise by sitting inside the house all day! Why not put them to work helping rake the yard or pull weeds? But wait- as a parent, you would probably rather avoid hearing them bitch and complain and just leave them inside the house where they can be glued to the TV set for hours without disturbing anyone… Besides the deprivation of physical activity that children face, they are also losing valuable family time with their parents.

Now… Some of you out there may be thinking, what about low-income families who may not have access to healtheir foods? After all, most low-income families usually are only able to buy cheap, processed foods, right? WRONG! My parents and I were as low-income as you could get without being dirt-poor. We lived off food stamps and Medicaid, and whatever income my dad was able to bring in as a carpenter. We certainly did not have enough money to buy expensive foods at the grocery store, and at times we did buy a good amount of processed foods (food stamps at the time were rather limited to the things they would let you buy). But that didn’t mean that we couldn’t buy SMART! Buying fresh vegetables and proteins is actually cheaper than buying all boxed and TV meals. When we had no choice but to resort to TV meals, we usually purchased the low calorie meals. And since we didn’t have much money to buy expensive forms of entertainment, I was usually either reading or playing outside in the backyard. Most of the time, though, my mom or dad had me outside with them sweeping up the carport or helping pull weeds… It sucked, but hey… It taught me good work ethic! The point is not even having a low income is an excuse for making poor choices of diet and exercise.

I’m a firm believer that it all starts in the home. When parents become lazy in their parenting, children suffer the consequences, simple as that. Parents need to learn how to make better, healthier choices when it comes to feeding their children, and they must also make wiser decisions about what their children do in their free-time. They must be proactive and initiate these changes in their family lifestyles in order to avoid unhealthy habits.

My Top 10 Bargains To-Date!

So, a recent shopping trip to TJ Maxx has inspired me to tell you all about my best bargains that I’ve gotten over the years… Hopefully I’ll be able to have more that top the ones I’ll be mentioning to you! So, in no particular order, let’s begin!

1. Asics Gel-Kayano 16s
I happened to pick these up today actually, and they’re the reason why I decided to even do this post! I got them at TJ Maxx. The regular price of the shoes was $140, but the TJ Maxx price was $69.99 (which is amazing for Asics, let me tell you!). I had a gift card for $25 already, so I used that in conjunction with the $40 that I made at Plato’s closet earlier that day. Basically, I ended up paying $4.99 for these shoes (I apologize for my tweet that said I got them for free but 4.99 is close enough! Haha!).

2. A Maurizio Taiuti Handbag
I happened to pick up this fine piece of leather goodness at TJ Maxx as well. I wasn’t even looking for a handbag at the time, but I couod ot pass up an offer this great! the original tage on the bag said that it retailed for $249. The TJ Maxx pricd was $129.99, but over that price was a yellow sticker (a.k.a mega sale price sticker) that said it was on sale for $28.00. Total win. I should start wearing it more often actually…

3 & 4. Lilly Pulitzer Wool Cardigans
These have probably been my favorite bargain out of the 10 because it’s extremely rare to find any type of Lilly Pulitzer item at a discount (for the record, I liked her WAY before it started becoming the “in” thing with the sororities at CSU, it’s just that I could never afford it :P). The regular price of these cardigans were $189 so you can sense the excitement that I felt when I saw them in the store. The first cardigan I found a little before Christmas 2010… It was navy blue with white and navy blue rosettes, on the clearance rack for $28! Cardigan number 2 was spotted about a month after Christmas… It was an aqua blue color with very colorful rosettes, and was priced on clearace for $26!

5. Ralph Lauren Golf Sport Vest
I love vests during the winter time, so I was excited to find this at the end of summer on sale (even more so because it had the HUGE pony on it). You can probably already guess where I happened to pick it up… Heehee… Regular price $175, Sale price- $7. (I promise that is jot a typo… I really did pay just $7 for it!)

6. Tahari Patent Leather Peep Toe Heels
I was happy to find these because I really needed a good pair of black heels for work. Tahari shoes are my favorite heels for work, and I’m glad that TJ Maxx usually carries various Tahari styles. these in particular were about $49.99 regular price, $29.99 TJ Maxx price, and I was lucky enough to snag them for a mere $7 on clearance.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Jersey Cotton Knit Sheet Set
This is one of many home goods that I’ve happen to find at an incredible price. Moving is only fun for me when it means that I get to outfit my new place in fabulous discounted items from either TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Ross. These sheets, a lovely shade of aquamarine, were about $60 regular price, which I actually would have paid for because they were such good quality. Lucky me, I snagged them for $15 in the Home clearance section of Marshall’s!

8. Marmot Weather Jacket
I got this at REI during one of their fabulous Labor Day sales, and I was thrilled! Marmot make such high-quality gear, but their prices truly do reflect the quality (unfortunately for a bargain hunter like myself). Now, you know how usually when you find a set of one item on a clearance rack, it seems like the only ones left are not your size? (usually either XS or XL). Well this time, I was lucky enough to find one in my size! Regular price- $149, sale price $39.

9. Calvin Klein Thong
So, this probably won’t be considered to be an amazing deal, but I still think it was a great find. Next to Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein is one of my favorite go-to brands for undergarments. The thong in question was $14.99 regular price, $4.99 TJ Maxx price. i snagged it fro. The clearance rack for 50 cents!!!

10. Ralph Lauren Home Seersucker Pillows
For those of you that don’t know, my entire bed is outfitted in seersucker, and it stays like this all year round. After all, who said that you can’t SLEEP on seersucker after Labor Day? ūüôā I was lucky enough to find a Seersucker comforter at TJ Maxx for $30, so that purchase let me on the hunt for matcjing decorative pillows or pillow shams, whichever happened to find me first! I was perusing the home section in Dillard’s one day, desperate to find SOMETHING to match my comforter and sheets, and there they were in the clearance bin, sticking out like two sore fratty thumbs. Each of the pillows were marked down from $50 each to $17 each. I bought them without thinking twice!

So now it’s your turn! What have been some of your fab finds?

I’m Back, and Ready to Take on the World!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve been on here, but since I now find myself having more free time, i’ll be able to get back to one of my favorite hobbies: BLOGGING!

But first, here are just some quick updates on my life…

I’m no longer a college student, but now a college graduate! And, in about 11 days, I’ll have the new title of Marketing Manager/Assistant Planner at the River Valley Regional Commission. I could not be more excited about finally getting big-girl pay for big-girl work! Dalton and I have recently taken up cycling as a sport (I LOVE my bike, by the way) and he’s also helping me train to run my first 5k, which I hope to do sometime in 2012. Other than that, I’ve been doing a great deal of pleasure reading. I highly recommend The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff… truly a life-changing book if I do say so myself…

Now, I’ve had a million ideas running in my head about topics to blog about, and I actually came up with a grand idea for a website I’d like to create (I won’t reveal that now, but I can say it’s based off my #truelady tweets on Twitter). I also started thinking that not many people know too many details about my life, and I thought it’d be nice to share some of those so people start to get a better grasp of who I truly am.

Anywho, please sit tight! My next couple of blogs will seem random, but they’ll be filled with advice, suggestions, and insights! And of course, I’ll welcome any suggestions from any of my readers!

A Comment on Progress… And Other Thoughts

Hello world! Where the heck have I been? Obviously not blogging how I said I would this year. Since I found this nifty WordPress app for my iPad, I decided I’d take a moment to do some blogging and update everyone.

(By the way, if you don’t own an iPad, consider getting one. It’s the bomb.com)

First off, I’d like to comment on Dalton and I’s progress on our diet/exercise plan. It has been going FANTASTIC! This is the longest that him and I have ever stuck with such a plan. I’m incredibly proud of the both of us. Dalton has been working out practically every day and I usually go on Saturdays and Sundays with Sherry (I would go more, but…. there’s these two things called work and school that get in my way… it happens to the best of us). Our diet and eating habits have drastically changed. Our refrigerator is now home to two tubs of greek yogurt, 1% milk, reduced sugar/no sugar added juices, lean sandwich meats, and a couple boxes of fresh salad (super green leafy stuff, not that iceberg crap). Our pantry has also welcomed whole wheat pastas, whole grain bread, whole grain crackers, whole grain cereal…. (I think you’re getting the picture here!).

I’m pretty ok with my body for the moment, no major complaints (at least none that I need to voice on here). But the main reason I’m partaking in the diet/exercise with Dalton is basically to just show my support in his endeavor to lose weight and become a lean mean frat-raging machine (haha- was that lame?). But I must say, I have really enjoyed these changes to our lifestyle and I’m excited that they’ve almost become more of a permanent part of our life.

As far as my personal life, everything is going great. Dalton and I are still going strong (2 years in April) and things couldn’t be better. Sherry has been a great workout partner this year, and I love that she’s so accommodating :). It’s great to have people in your life who really understand how hectic your life can get. I really miss Stephanie right now, but I’m glad that she’s living out her dreams in Europe, and in a way, that been really inspirational to me to venture out more and do the things that I really want to do. She may not know that, but I’m sure once she reads this, she will :).

In other news, I ordered my cap and gown back in mid-January, and my graduation announcements came in last week, so it’s getting even realer now that I’m graduating in just a matter of about 2 months… Actually, less than that. I can’t wait! I’m excited that I’ll have no worries upon graduation because, as I’ve said before, I won’t have any debt and I’ll have a full-time job by the beginning of June. But I’m also feeling that I haven’t had enough time to really “play”. My life has practically been work and school for as long as I can remember. I’m slowly trying to go out more and enjoy myself while I still have the time, especially since I’m 21 and haven’t really had the experiences that most 21-year-olds have already had. I’m working on planning a week-long vacation somewhere after graduation so I can ACTUALLY wind down before I start working full-time. I think I should be able to cram plenty of missed fun-time into that week to make up for everything that I have probably missed :). In the meantime, going to
Comedy Nights at the Loft downtown will have to do…. Ha.

This period of transition in my life is definitely life-changing, to say the least. I’m proud of myself so far for continuing to make strides in my own self-improvement and for being so close to accomplishing something so great. But I’m still scared of what the future holds. Excited, yes, but still very much scared. As with everything, I know that things find their own way of falling perfectly into place, but it’s still nice to get a heads-up, right?

How do you keep trying?

Do you hate when you try to do something right, and then you fail? Or how about when you’ve failed multiple times? What about when you’re too stubborn to just give up (because your type-A personality won’t let you) no matter how many times you fail… No matter how many times you beat yourself up over it… No matter how (almost) worthless it makes you feel…

How is it that someone can fail at doing the same thing over and over again? Even after dying multiple times in the same hard-ass stage in Donkey Kong, you still manage to find a way to succeed, be it via cheat codes or just trying again. Now why is it that I don’t have a cheat code to get where I want to? Why can’t I just try again and be guaranteed success?

I personally hate giving up. Even though sometimes, depending on the activity, I may say, “I’m over it, screw this”, I always try again at a later point. But this one thing, this ONE thing that I keep trying at just keeps bringing me more disappointment just about every time I try. I don’t know how to keep trying when I know that I have a better chance of achieving failure, then I do success.

Amazing how just ONE thing can cause so much torment inside my mind. It lingers perpetually like the stench of an old trash bag sitting in your apartment too long. How do I find the motivation to keep trying? How do I find the assurance that one day, I’ll actually conquer this and succeed?

What are they really classified as anyway? Goals, resolutions, or feel-good statements?

So, I decided to catch up with my blogging, and, in an effort to do more blogging in the new year, I decided to share my New Year’s Goals/Resolutions/whatever you’d like to refer to them as.

1. Choose healthier lifestyle habits.¬† I had to generalize this one because it so commonly gets mistaken as “lose more weight”.¬† Granted, while I would like to lose some of this holiday pudge and become a more sexier, leaner me, I’m not looking to “lose 10 pounds by February” or anything like that… Some of the things I’d like to change/do are:

  • Increase vitamin D intake.¬† This is very good for colon and breast health, bone heath, and it helps the body absorb calcium.
  • Make the switch from whole milk to 1% milk.¬† Making the switch is the equivalent of saving yourself about 70 sticks of butter in fat.¬† Amazing huh?
  • Make the switch to whole grain rice and bread.¬† Surprisingly enough, honey wheat and even some whole wheat breads have the same nutritional value as white bread.¬† Whole grains provide more health benefits, including more fiber.
  • Try and do something active at least 3 times a week.¬† With the new recreation center on campus opening up the first week of classes, this should be no problem.¬† I mean, there’s a rock wall in there! Hello fun time! ūüôā
  • Reduce fried food intake.¬† If I can find a way to make something fried baked, like my empanadas, I will (and I have actually- they’re still quite good this way).
  • Eat more veggies!

2. Get straight A’s this last semester of college.¬† If I do so, I will 100% lock in my chance of graduating cum laude.¬† YES!

3. Start saving more money.  It looks like I will be needing a new laptop soon, so I have something to save for.  (Thanks for that, HP. You will NEVER get business from me again).

4. Stop being such a workaholic.  Since I quit my second job at University Crossing, I hope that this will easily be achieved.

5. Spend more time with Dalton during the school year.  Again, since I quit my second job, this should be pretty easy as well.  Not to mention my school schedule would make anyone jealous.

6. Get back into the hobbies that I love doing. These include writing/blogging, painting, doing puzzles of all sorts, and reading. I already have a stack of unfinished books that I aim to finish this new year.

7. Continue practicing golf. I really want to get better at it so Dalton and I can actually play a full round where I’m not “shanking” the ball every time, haha!

8. Continue on my path of self-improvement. I’ve discovered so much about myself this year, and I feel like I’m starting to finally piece together who I REALLY am. It’s a good feeling! I’ve worked on making several improvements on my personal life during the last half of 2010, and its great to know that I’m really starting the new year as a fresh, new me. I’m still very much Kayra, just a more “enlightened” version, I guess you could say :).

How DOES she do it??

As most of you are already well aware, I will be graduating on May 9th of 2011 (See- it’s going to be a great year!) But here’s what’s even better…

I’ll be graduating with HONORS, NO debt, PLENTY of money in the bank, and WITH A JOB.

Now… How did I do it??
I guess I’ll reveal my secrets.. After all, it’s pretty good information :).

1. I applied for just about every scholarship I could get out of high school. I used a good chunk of it to open a bank account (which I’ve kept at 4 figures since I opened it) and the rest I used to pay for housing. *Interesting side note- my parents have not had to contribute a dime to my college education… I figured it’s the least I could do for them after raising me right! Haha.*

2. I did not spend my money on stupid shit. (Sorry that I had to use that word instead of “stuff”, but there really is no other appropriate word in my opinion.) Just because I had the money to go buy an XBox and a new Coach purse didn’t mean that I needed to. I was always too future-oriented to do that. Not to mention, I didn’t need any of it. Also- I managed to work two jobs for the majority of time I’ve been in school. It was tough, but the extra money definitely helped.

3. I got an internship. Luckily, I was one of the few who was able to get a paid internship, but whether it be paid or unpaid, you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity. It really can lead to some great opportunities, as it did for me.

4. I got all the partying out of my system by the time I became a junior. Actually, it was really by the time I became a sophomore. What happened? Well, after seeing the same people every weekend, and doing the same thing every weekend, and dealing with the same drama every weekend, you get pretty tired of it. I lived and learn, but glad that I had the experiences I did in the process.

5. I always made time to study. Even in my crazy hectic schedule of working, class, and socializing, I made it a point to always study and get my work done. After all, I’m going to college to get a degree, not to screw around for 4 years of my life (which will in turn put you on the 5 year plan- scary!) I also discovered that study buddies are not effective (unless your name is Sherry Simpson and completely into your studies as I am) and it was better to just get my own work done on my own time and in my own way. This worked out for the better.

6. I stayed motivated. Granted, this wasn’t too hard because I genuinely love school and being a nerd (as if you didn’t already know this), but sometimes it’s quite easy to lose that motivation. When I felt like I was losing it, I thought about money. And I perked back up REAL quick.

So there you have it-How to successfully graduate college and stay afloat!

Coming Into My Own Style/Shopping For Life- 6 easy How To’s.

So with school being out, I’ve found that I have a little more time to clean and keep our apartment in order. ¬†In the midst of all this cleaning, I realized that I have SO many clothes to get rid of that I don’t wear anymore. ¬†Recently, I went to Plato’s closet and sold back almost every piece of Abercrombie, Hollister, and American Eagle clothing that I had in my closet (with the exception of jeans). ¬†Obviously, Dalton was extremely happy about this for the obvious reasons, and I actually felt relieved to have some more space in my closet. ¬†I also felt good to get rid of that “high school” me that was lurking in my closet for almost 4 years now. ¬†Getting rid of the clothes was just another way of showing that I was growing up. ¬†I’m now filling my closet with more cardigan sweaters, just-above-the-knee length skirts, bright and colorful scarves (my recent addiction), non-cleavage bearing tops, and button downs that actually fit. ¬†It’s new, and I’m getting used to it, but I definitely like the change.

I definitely stuck with my new year’s resolution (2010) of wearing more dresses this year, and I’m sure that has helped the recent fashion change, mainly because the dresses I’ve been getting have to be work appropriate (since I don’t go out much and am in no need of party dresses). Dalton has had some influence on me too, especially since he’s always dressed so nicely, usually a pair of khakis, a brightly colored oxford, and some loafers (like myself, he hasn’t always been this way contrary to popular belief, but that’s another topic altogether).

The problem I’m finding with making this huge wardrobe change is price! ¬†Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, Brooks Brothers, and other “preppy” brands do not come cheap. ¬†However, because I’m such a bargain hunter, I have managed to find pretty good deals from each of these brands and more. ¬†I wanted to start a fashion blog, specifically one where I could advise people of how to find good bargains on great clothing how I’ve been doing. ¬†I figured I’d share a couple tips of my own here:

1. Get an eBay account now! ¬†Doing so is free of charge, and you’d be surprised to find the kinds of things you can get for amazing prices. ¬†I usually only buy from top-rated sellers who have items available as “Buy It Now” instead of having a bidding war with another user… much easier this way. ¬†Some retailers, like Brooks Brothers, actually have factory stores via eBay so you can get great clothing at a discounted price. ¬†eBay also lets you create a profile where you can always search by your sizes for tops, pants, belts, and shoes.

2. Sign up to receive emails from your favorite retailers. ¬†This can get annoying sometimes, especially if your emails get sent to your phone like mine do, but you’d be surprised at how many deals you can come across this way. ¬†Most of these deals may be exclusively online-only, but they still include pretty generous discounts. ¬†If you’re lucky, you’ll even find one for free shipping!¬† If you’re afraid to shop online using a credit card, one of the most secure ways to do it is to make sure that the web address while you’re at the payment site has an “s” next to the http (https://).¬† The S stands for secure connection.

3. Visit outlet malls and discount stores like TJ Maxx and Marshall’s.¬† I received some gift cards from TJ Maxx this holiday season and I was truly thankful.¬† Why?¬† Because I got several things ON SALE! For example: A navy blue Lilly Pulitzer cardigan, regular price: $198, sale price: $23.¬† A French Connection sweater, regular price $88, sale price: $13.¬† A B. Makowski leather wallet, regular price $98, sale price: $39.¬† This just proves that you can look great and shop your favorite name brands without having to spend a fortune.¬† Especially when you’re on a college budget.

4. Be prepared to spend some time looking.¬† The reason half the time people miss a good deal is because they’re too impatient to actually look through a full clearance rack because it looks daunting.¬† DO IT!¬† Doing so does not take as long as you think, and you’ll be thankful when you’ve found that Judith March dress marked down 40% from the original price.

5.¬† Balance out your purchases.¬† By this I mean the following (assume your budget in this scenario is between $50 and $60 and you are looking for two items in the store, a sweater and a handbag):¬† If you found a sweater on sale for $13, don’t be afraid to up your budget for a nice bag from $20 to $40.¬† Paying more, in most cases, usually means better quality.¬† Splurge a little.¬† After all, you must reward yourself for finding such a great sale on that sweater!

6. Do not compromise your own style/budget JUST because something is on sale.¬† This is always a no-no.¬† If I see something on sale that is super cheap but does not fit my style, I move on.¬† Don’t succumb to the powers of the reduced prices! Also, if your budget for a shopping trip is $100, keep it at that.¬† Now granted, I need to learn how to take my own advice on this one, haha, but I never go TOO much over.¬† Maybe about $10-$15 is what I’ll usually end up going over by… I’ll add this to my list of resolutions for the new year. ūüôā


Follow these trips, and you will certainly improve your shopping skills (if you don’t do this already).¬† They can certainly help you save some money in the new year, especially with all of these end-of-year clearance sales! Happy Shopping!

What’s So Good About a Master’s Anyway?

So I had a stark realization this past weekend (thanks to the help of my practical Dalton) that I will not be able to attend graduate school once I finish college in May.  I honestly thought I would be able to have a graduate assistantship, which would give me free tuition, keep my part-time job downtown at the RVRC, and go to school, while still managing to pay my rent and a new car payment (since I was planning on getting a new car when I graduate).  But I realizeРactually, Dalton made me realizeРthat money would be extremely tight if I chose to go that route, whether I have a car payment or not.

So I have decided that when I graduate, I will just focus my efforts on finding a full-time job (or possibly turning my part-time job into a full-time job). ¬†That way I can make great money, get great insurance benefits that I don’t have now, and start saving money for other things… mainly some nice pieces of furniture so Dalton and I can move out of University Crossing into something that’s just as nice, or nice, but much much cheaper.

My parents have also presented me with a very nice alternative to my car dilemma. ¬†Even though my car is not a total piece of shit, it’s old and I would not feel comfortable taking it outside of Columbus just in case something were to happen. ¬†That’s the main reason I would like a new car, and also because I’d like something with a little more room for when I have to tote stuff back and forth from work (not to mention, if I keep the job I have now, I will need some reliable transportation because of the amount of traveling we do across west central Georgia). ¬†But anyway- back to their proposition…. They’re thinking about just giving me mom’s 2003 Toyota Corolla LE. ¬†It only has 50,000 miles on it (which is FANTASTIC for a car that is already almost 8 years old) and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. ¬†And the better part is, I’M GETTING IT FOR FREE! ¬†You simply can’t beat that, now can you?

So I won’t have a car payment, but I’ve agreed that once I get a steady job I’ll pay for the insurance (which is only $56 month- very affordable). ¬†This way, this allows me to start putting good amounts of money aside to get some nice furniture. ¬†Some people don’t understand why I want to save up so much money, but frankly, if I’m paying for it, I want to know that it’s brand new, good quality, and that no one else’s ass has sat on it. ¬†Call me picky, but I think I have a right to not get hand-me down, yard sale furniture if I’m forgoing a new car.

As far as turning my part-time job into a full-time career, it can definitely happen. ¬†Granted, I won’t be making that awesome 40K as soon as I graduate, I’m going to be at a job that I genuinely enjoy and a job where I know I get to make a difference in several people’s lives. ¬†That is extremely rewarding. ¬†And working for an office with 23 other employees is quite beneficial too because, here, I’m Kayra, not employee #357 in Cubicle 2A. ¬†I’m not helping a rich company get richer; I’m working to improve the quality of life for others. ¬†That’s pretty awesome, if I do say so myself.

Basically, what I’m getting to is that my life after graduation will be good, and I can stop worrying so much. ¬†Everything will fall into place, just like it always does.