believing in yourself

People give HIM too much credit…

Lately, I’ve been seeing many tweets and facebook posts that deal with thanking the Lord for something the person making the post has accomplished. For example, “Graduation day is here!!! The lord is SO good and I’m SO glad he got me this far!” or “Got through another day at work. God is so GOOD.” These posts always confuse me, because I don’t understand why so many give Him credit for something He really didn’t do. God didn’t attend your college classes and pass your tests. God didn’t stay up with you all night and get you through hours of studying (your 5-Hour Energy probably did). God didn’t go to work with you, nor did he tell you to get up and go to work in the first place. You chose to do those things, and you did them because it was the RIGHT thing to do to help you succeed.

I don’t feel like people give THEMSELVES enough credit for the hard work and accomplishments they really achieve. Why give the credit to another person, much less a person who doesn’t physically exist?

This post may upset some, and that’s fine, but I just had to get this out of my system. My viewpoints on religion will always upset somebody (that’s why I usually keep religion-talk to myself, or I just share it with Dalton). But seriously, just think on this for a second. Next time you decide to thank God for everything going right in your life, take a moment to actually pat yourself on the back for being able to achieve great things.