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My Top 10 Bargains To-Date!

So, a recent shopping trip to TJ Maxx has inspired me to tell you all about my best bargains that I’ve gotten over the years… Hopefully I’ll be able to have more that top the ones I’ll be mentioning to you! So, in no particular order, let’s begin!

1. Asics Gel-Kayano 16s
I happened to pick these up today actually, and they’re the reason why I decided to even do this post! I got them at TJ Maxx. The regular price of the shoes was $140, but the TJ Maxx price was $69.99 (which is amazing for Asics, let me tell you!). I had a gift card for $25 already, so I used that in conjunction with the $40 that I made at Plato’s closet earlier that day. Basically, I ended up paying $4.99 for these shoes (I apologize for my tweet that said I got them for free but 4.99 is close enough! Haha!).

2. A Maurizio Taiuti Handbag
I happened to pick up this fine piece of leather goodness at TJ Maxx as well. I wasn’t even looking for a handbag at the time, but I couod ot pass up an offer this great! the original tage on the bag said that it retailed for $249. The TJ Maxx pricd was $129.99, but over that price was a yellow sticker (a.k.a mega sale price sticker) that said it was on sale for $28.00. Total win. I should start wearing it more often actually…

3 & 4. Lilly Pulitzer Wool Cardigans
These have probably been my favorite bargain out of the 10 because it’s extremely rare to find any type of Lilly Pulitzer item at a discount (for the record, I liked her WAY before it started becoming the “in” thing with the sororities at CSU, it’s just that I could never afford it :P). The regular price of these cardigans were $189 so you can sense the excitement that I felt when I saw them in the store. The first cardigan I found a little before Christmas 2010… It was navy blue with white and navy blue rosettes, on the clearance rack for $28! Cardigan number 2 was spotted about a month after Christmas… It was an aqua blue color with very colorful rosettes, and was priced on clearace for $26!

5. Ralph Lauren Golf Sport Vest
I love vests during the winter time, so I was excited to find this at the end of summer on sale (even more so because it had the HUGE pony on it). You can probably already guess where I happened to pick it up… Heehee… Regular price $175, Sale price- $7. (I promise that is jot a typo… I really did pay just $7 for it!)

6. Tahari Patent Leather Peep Toe Heels
I was happy to find these because I really needed a good pair of black heels for work. Tahari shoes are my favorite heels for work, and I’m glad that TJ Maxx usually carries various Tahari styles. these in particular were about $49.99 regular price, $29.99 TJ Maxx price, and I was lucky enough to snag them for a mere $7 on clearance.

7. Tommy Hilfiger Jersey Cotton Knit Sheet Set
This is one of many home goods that I’ve happen to find at an incredible price. Moving is only fun for me when it means that I get to outfit my new place in fabulous discounted items from either TJ Maxx, Marshall’s, or Ross. These sheets, a lovely shade of aquamarine, were about $60 regular price, which I actually would have paid for because they were such good quality. Lucky me, I snagged them for $15 in the Home clearance section of Marshall’s!

8. Marmot Weather Jacket
I got this at REI during one of their fabulous Labor Day sales, and I was thrilled! Marmot make such high-quality gear, but their prices truly do reflect the quality (unfortunately for a bargain hunter like myself). Now, you know how usually when you find a set of one item on a clearance rack, it seems like the only ones left are not your size? (usually either XS or XL). Well this time, I was lucky enough to find one in my size! Regular price- $149, sale price $39.

9. Calvin Klein Thong
So, this probably won’t be considered to be an amazing deal, but I still think it was a great find. Next to Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein is one of my favorite go-to brands for undergarments. The thong in question was $14.99 regular price, $4.99 TJ Maxx price. i snagged it fro. The clearance rack for 50 cents!!!

10. Ralph Lauren Home Seersucker Pillows
For those of you that don’t know, my entire bed is outfitted in seersucker, and it stays like this all year round. After all, who said that you can’t SLEEP on seersucker after Labor Day? 🙂 I was lucky enough to find a Seersucker comforter at TJ Maxx for $30, so that purchase let me on the hunt for matcjing decorative pillows or pillow shams, whichever happened to find me first! I was perusing the home section in Dillard’s one day, desperate to find SOMETHING to match my comforter and sheets, and there they were in the clearance bin, sticking out like two sore fratty thumbs. Each of the pillows were marked down from $50 each to $17 each. I bought them without thinking twice!

So now it’s your turn! What have been some of your fab finds?